FlightAware Global℠ is the ultimate private aviation platform for aircraft owners and operators. Customize your feature set for each tail.

A more connected flying experience

Get the industry's most robust tools and features to enrich the flight experience for aircraft owners and operators. Track your aircraft on the ground with Ready to Taxi, access flight history reports, view your fleet with FlightAware TV, and more.

Gold + all Silver features

FlightAware Global Gold

When Privacy is Paramount

Have a blocked tail number? Gold tails include "Selective Unblocking" allowing admins to designate flight tracking access to friends, family, employees, business associates, and designated FBOs. Flight Leg Share feature securely unblocks on a per-leg basis.

Integrate your datalink service for your aircraft.

Take advantage of our ability to authorize third party call signs for the FAA's PIA program.

Platinum + all Gold features

FlightAware Global Platinum

Remote Coverage with Space-Based ADS-B

Plan on flying internationally, including over oceans, rain forests, deserts or the poles? Platinum offers the first 100% global flight tracking coverage, with Aireon Space-Based ADS-B powering once-per-minute position updates that exceed modern safety standards.

*Price reduces as fleet size increases.

Watch your aircraft taxi on a live surface map

When FlightAware detects ground positions for your aircraft (either taxiing for takeoff or to park) you can watch a live surface stream directly on your aircraft's flight page. You will also be able to see other planes taxiing, taking off, and landing.


Features included in all plans:

Live Flight Tracking Website and Mobile App

Start tracking your fleet with FlightAware Global today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aircraft blocking?

Blocking an aircraft prevents it from being publicly visible on sites like FlightAware. Blocking practices vary by country but typically require an owner/operator to either opt-in or out of the service.

What's the difference between opt-in blocking and opt-out blocking?

In some countries, like the United States, owners/operators must complete an application requesting their aircraft to be blocked from public tracking on sites like FlightAware (opt-out).

Elsewhere, including in Europe, non-commercial aircraft are automatically blocked. Owners/operators must complete an application requesting that their aircraft be unblocked (opt-in tracking). In Europe, opting-in enables non-commercial operators to track their own aircraft but flight data is never publicly disseminated.

Owners/operators located in countries that require opt-out blocking (i.e. the United States) are unable to track their own aircraft once the opt-out process is complete. Owners/operators located in countries that require them to opt-in to tracking (i.e. countries in Europe) lose privacy since their aircraft becomes visible on public sites like FlightAware.

Selective unblocking, offered through FlightAware Global, solves both opt-in and opt-out challenges by enabling owners and aircraft operators to track their aircraft while hiding it from public view.

Is private flight tracking available in Europe?

Yes. FlightAware Global is used by aircraft owners and operators to selectively unblock tail numbers around the world. In Europe, non-commercial aircraft are blocked from public tracking on sites like FlightAware by default. Owners/operators must opt-in to public tracking if they wish to track their aircraft. FlightAware Global makes it possible for them to do this and maintain privacy.

Who can use FlightAware Global to track blocked aircraft?

Only an aircraft's owner/operator and the individuals they delegate access to may privately track it with a FlightAware Global account. Proof of ownership is required during the sign-up process.

How do I track an aircraft that is not available for public tracking (blocked)?

To track a blocked aircraft, you must be the owner or operator and it must be selectively unblocked through a FlightAware Global subscription.

How do I block my aircraft?

Subscribe to FlightAware Global and we'll make sure everything else is taken care of. We provide same-day blocking on FlightAware.com and facilitate the process to block your aircraft from public tracking on other services. You will continue to have secure access to track your aircraft through your FlightAware account and will be able to provision access to friends, loved ones and colleagues as needed.

How many people can track my aircraft through a FlightAware Global account?

That's up to you. We don't limit the number of users and the self-management interface makes it easy to add or remove users.

If I add a user to my account, will they be able to track my entire fleet?

That's up to you. The self-management interface lets you group your aircraft and provision access based on the individual needs of each user.

How do I remove users who should no longer be able to track my blocked aircraft?

It's easy to add or remove users from your FlightAware Global account through the self-management interface.

I have a subscription with a data link provider already. Why do I need FlightAware Global?

If you block your aircraft, you may be unable to track it depending on your datalink provider. FlightAware Global solves this problem by integrating your datalink subscription free of charge. This enables you to privately track your blocked aircraft and enhances your datalink coverage by combining it with FlightAware's other sources, including ANSP flight plans and terrestrial ADS-B. It also provides a means by which you are able to share your datalink tracking with others, such as friends, family and colleagues.

If I integrate my data link service, will it be publicly available on FlightAware.com?

No. Only people you authorize through your FlightAware Global account will see your datalink positions. If you own or operate blocked aircraft, these will be entirely hidden from public view.

Is there a way to allow FBOs to track my aircraft so they are prepared for my arrival?

FlightAware Global gives you the option of sharing your flight information exclusively with FBOs without sharing it with the public. This allows FBOs to provide the highest level of service.


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