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Flight Attendant Threatens No-Fly List to Passenger Over Catering Mishap

A United Airlines elite frequent flyer was threatened by a flight attendant after an incident relating to an extra serving of Manicotti. ( More...

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avionik99 4
Conclusion......United sucks
James Simms 2
They also break guitars, kill loved pets, & beat passengers senseless before taking them off the flight for one of their own.
Derek Lorbiecki 2
This was originally posted on reddit (r/United) over the weekend. Below is the update post from the original poster.
Greg S 2
Thanks for the link, I bit more inclined to believe the story after reading this.
matt jensen 2
"Sam" will win this one - by being the opposite of the purser - polite.
k1121j 2
Reprimand the grump "Customer service agent" praise the nice flight attendant.
Greg S 2
Since the "no brakes on Russian western jets" story, I'm treating every story from aeroexplorer as bullshit until proven true. This one even sounds like bullshit.
coinflyer 2
Paywall clickbait BS
James Simms 1
Gee that’s funny. I’m not paying for anything & I can see it just fine.
Relics 1
This story sounds completely far fetched.


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